For the past seven years I have worked to create original floral designs for countless weddings and events all over the state of Colorado.  In working with such a wide variety of bridal and event aesthetics, I was able to master many skills and styles of floral design that have helped me to develop my own personal style and dreams for the future.

My love of pastoral beauty and passion of farming lead me to Randolph, VT where I decided to permanently root my design company and flower farm, Jonquil Farm & Flora. To be surrounded with so much natural beauty on a daily basis is constantly humbling and inspiring.  It brings me happiness to watch things grow from a tiny seed into a bloom that will be made into a bouquet for someones special day.  

When I'm not digging in the dirt or designing, I love to get outdoors and experience all the beautiful things Vermont has to offer.  Some of my favorite things to do are fly fish, canoe, camp, and spend time taking in nature with my family .